SID sign videos.

SID sign videos, a collection of compact video presentations which show you popular speed sign formats in action. If you want to see what you are purchasing before parting with a single penny these sid sign videos give you a completely accurate view of how our signs look, how they respond to moving traffic.

sid sign videos

Fixed limit.

This SID sign video shows a standard 10 mph SLOW DOWN speed sign in action. Attached to a 76mm diameter aluminium post this sign is one of our standard high visibility formats with brightly coloured vinyl graphics fitted to the winged back panel.


To see how this kind of SID sign responds to approaching traffic simply press the PLAY icon. In the video you will see how the led's contained within the sign automatically illuminate as soon as the radar picks up a speeding vehicle heading towards it.

One of the key advantages our radar SID signs offer is the exceptional responsiveness of the radar detection. If you look closely at this video you will notice that the sign tracks the approaching vehicle extinguishing the led display as soon as the driver brakes in response to seeing the sign. This quick response and accurate tracking of vehicle speed gives you an accurate device which does not display false warnings and which is not liable to operate at random speeds.


This video shows a dynamic real time SID sign. Normally referred to as a YOUR SPEED format this type of displays actual vehicle speed on the face of the sign panel using a large Amber led matrix.

The example in this video is a hybrid design which incorporates a reactive illuminated SLOW DOWN message. As an oncoming vehicle approaches the YOUR SPEED element displays and accurate representation of the vehicle speed, when a preset speed limit has been breached the sign instructs the SLOW DOWN legend to illuminate providing the driver with a clear indication that they are driving too fast.


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